Tindouf camps : the Auschwitz of Africa

The participants in the round table of November 9th, 2009, initiated by the Moroccan Center of Strategic Studies and Researches(CMERS), about the disappearance and torture cases perpetuated in Tindouf camps, in the Algerian South-West, have insisted, in a final release, at the end of their works, accompanied with testimonies and poignant stories of ancient war prisoners and victims of exactions, tortures and forced disappearances committed by the Polisario and the Algerian military Security, on launching a vibrant call to the international community so that judicial pursuits, for war crimes and crimes against the humanity, should be undertaken by the international instances against the officials of the Polisario and of the Algerian military Security departments.

During this meeting, supported by vivid testimonies of Moroccans and Mauritanians who have survived to Tindouf hell and Lahmada camps and by documents of all kinds, as well as detailed reports about the forced disappearances of Moroccans, Mauritanians and foreign nationals, an extensive report about the violations and exactions of the Polisario and some elements of the Algerian military Security in the sequestered Tindouf camps has been carried out.
Hence, the participants, academicians and researchers, have insisted on emphasizing “the responsibility of the Algerian regime in the contemptuous and disrespectful acts as regard to the dignity of the prisoners and the detainees in Tindouf camps” and asked the international instances to continue the investigations about the cases of Moroccans and foreigners living in Morocco who disappeared in Lahmada camps in Tindouf, in Algeria, in order to shed light on all these disappearances and to bring the officials and the guilty persons  to justice.

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