Haidar Operation : the real reasons of militancy

For most of the observers, Aminatou Haidar’s reactions since November 16 are not at all spontaneous. By rallying to the Algerian secret services, she loses all kind of legitimacy to defend the human rights. According to all media means, Haidar has never denounced the life conditions and human rights in Tindouf as well as in the Algerian sequestration camps in Tindouf and Rabouni. That can be normal for a human rights militant coming from elsewhere but not for a militant that wants to defend the Sahrawi people. These actions principally aim at diverting the international opinion from the real issues and stakes of the Sahara, blurring the voices of the international NGO who condemn the life conditions of the Sahrawi people in Tindouf camps, trying to give credibility to a front condemned by many organisms for humanitarian aid misappropriation, torpedoing the negotiations process intended by Morocco and the autonomy plan judged by the international community as “credible” to get out of the deadlock of the Sahara conflict, and other visible and hidden reasons that corroborated with the Algerian agenda to divert the attention of the Algerian people from the daily robbery of oil incomes.

For Aminatou and according to the Algerian agenda, the Sahrawi camps people are well settled, well fed, enjoy all the world rights and they need nothing as long as they remain sequestered. Aminatou has never talked in the name of the Sahrawi hostages who have had the possibility to escape from camps, whether civilians or militaries, women and men and who currently and fully enjoy their citizenship in the Sahara under the Moroccan sovereignty. Aminatou has never denounced the slavery practices within the colored Sahrawi in Polisario camps. Apparently, Aminatou never wants to know about Saltana case and other slaves in Tindouf.
For Aminatou, the only Sahrawis whom she defends are those who live in Laayoune and Dakhla. The others who live in camps in Algeria are Sahrawis of a lower category used in its agenda in order to be positioned on the front; she knows that all of them will return back one day to Morocco where they will be equal. The real slogan of Aminatou is that all the Sahrawis are equal but some are more equal than others.
Aminatou Haidar defends an agenda having nothing to do with the human rights.

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