Tindouf Camps: Women Join Anti-Polisario Dissidence

mjpcSahrawi women in the Tindouf camps have joined the Youth Movement for Change (MJPC) and created their own coordination to defend themselves against the Polisario torturers’ abuses.
Four months after the release of a video showing a Sahrawi widow accusing an outstanding figure of the Polisario of sexual harassment, a group of Sahrawi Women announced, in a new video, the creation of a coordination which is an alternative to the Polisario’s women entity.
This entity is chaired by Fatima El Mahdi, a close relative of Algerian Khadija Hamdi, the wife of the Polisario leader, Mohamed Abdelaziz.
By joining the protest MJPC movement which has a political and a military wing, Sahrawi women have cracked the wall of fear and at the same time strengthened the ranks of rebellion against the Polisario leadership.
In the video broadcast by the Moroccan regional TV channel, Laayoune TV, three veiled women wearing dark glasses read out a statement announcing the creation of the Coordination of Sahrawi women opposed to the separatist front leadership.
The announcement coincided with a new sit-in organized last week by dozens of Sahrawi protesters outside the headquarters of the UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees) in Rabouni camp, not far from the Polisario headquarters.
During the sit-in marked by a strong presence of women donning “melhfa,” the Sahrawi Woman’s traditional dress, protesters denounced the silence of international organizations while the Polisario leaders continue diverting the humanitarian aid destined to the needy civilian populations.
According to MJPC young activists, the Polisario leaders, with the blessing of the Algerian army generals and military intelligence services (DRS,) use the humanitarian assistance as a double-edged sword.
On the one hand, it is a means to starve all the families and people suspected of belonging to or helping the dissidence movement and on the other hand, enable the Polisario executives and militias to fill their bellies and stuff their pockets.

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