Western Sahara: Morocco lends his hand

Morocco is determined to go further, to ensure adequate conditions for the resumption of the fifth session of the direct negotiations carried out, under the aegis of the United Nations, with the Polisario Front and to make its best to make these negotiations achieve good results. Besides, the Moroccan approach is clear and unambiguous. It is based on the principle of wide autonomy of the Sahara with an armory of legal clauses that endow the concerned peoples with real competencies for the management of their internal affairs: internal Assembly, Territory Development, Local authorities, Infrastructure, School, Health, Police, Court, Economy, Investments, Tourism, Sport, Culture, etc. Moreover, a mediation and arbitration body is expected in antagonism or incompatibility cases between the national law and the local law.

In all cases, the Moroccan project of Sahara’s internal autonomy constitutes a text-framework to reach a political solution, negotiated and acceptable by the disputing parties. For Morocco, as understood from the diplomats in charge of the issue, everything is negotiable, except the national sovereignty on the territory. The latter is considered to be one of the fundamentals of its approach as a historical and sovereign nation. Accepting the independence option will be equivalent to accepting the colonial order, issued from the international conference of Algeciras in 1906, tearing apart the Sherifian Kingdom in zones of influence: a Spanish zone in the North and the South, a French zone in the center, international status of Tangier City, isolated under the Spanish administration then annexation of territories as a whole in the East for the French Algeria’s benefit. Morocco’s independence recovery, since 1955-1956, and the achievement of its territorial integrity in 1958, 1969 and 1975 is in conformity with the history movement logic and has to be regarded only as a fair settlement of things.

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