Former Polisario Front prisoners held a Press conference in Mauritania.

It was an exceptional event in the history of the Guerrilla “Polisario Front”. Former Mauritanians prisoners of the camps of Tindouf held an important press conference in Nouakchott. Those survivors of the camps of shame testified about the martyrdom they endured during several years.
Maltreatments, tortures, humiliations, psychological pressures, such was the daily routine of these prisoners who have, for the majority, refused to take the weapons against Morocco and thus became for the Polisario Front Nomenclature the people  who “betrayed” the revolution.
Joined by the Belgian lawyer and priest Monsignori Jean Aboud known as having been one of discrete missi dominici in the Middle East conflict, the former prisoners of the Polisario Front delivered with big emotion the testimony of their iniquitous conditions of detention.
Some of those prisoners even showed to a choked assistance the physical and still lasting souvenirs of their detention: cigarette burns, barbed wire traces …

At the end of this press conference, it was decided to stress the international institutions to create a Special International Criminal Court which would be in charge of judging the camps jailers.
A memorandum will be soon addressed to the UN Secretary General requiring him to take the necessary measures.

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