“FARCS”…in Sahara

In 2008, the Tindouf camps managed by the Polisario Front with Algeria’s support still resist international legality. What are the reasons for this denial of justice to civil populations -whom neither have, for the majority, never witnessed the cold war nor are concerned with the conflict opposing Morocco to the revolutionary organization of Marxist-Leninist inspiration?
In fact, the Polisario Front is experiencing a destiny similar to the FARCS in Colombia. Organization created by a group of revolutionists of extreme left… the revolution left room to pragmatism and the “fight” moved from ideological inspirations towards more prosaic revolutionary capitalism.

Indeed, the guerrilla yielded with the pitiless laws of the economy and moneyed the disastrous human situation of the sahraouis living in the camps of Tindouf, as many hostages whose state is constantly revalued by international organization. Humanitarian aid obtained by the Polisario is diverted to finance the expensive leisure of the “nomenclature”.
The Polisario Front is a mine of information for any historian, because this organization holds about all the characteristics inherited from the Cold war: political police chiefs, omnipresent party, press control, youth brainwashing … The complete “revolutionary” package practiced in the late Soviet Union and in the agonizing regime castrist is still nourished in 2008 by the Polisario Front.  

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