Polisario is afraid that its dissidents be nominated ambassadors of Morocco abroad

While in Morocco and more exactly at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the last discussions are taking place for the launching of a vast movement of ambassadors who should be nominated soon by King Mohammed VI in expectation of the coming legislative elections that will take place in advance on the 25th November, in Mexico, a campaign of the Polisario supporters is at its height.  Fearing the nomination of the Sahrawi dissident to the post of ambassador of Morocco in Mexico, the separatist movement leadership supported as usual by the Algerian lobbying incite its Mexican supporters and sympathizers to accelerate the adoption by the Parliament of a motion against the approval of Abderrahmane Leibek, a former Polisario executive dissident who is the likely ambassador of Morocco in this country. The probable nomination of the former consul in Canary Islands irritates strongly the Polisario leadership and the Algerian authority, which feel a strong allergy to the nomination of former Polisario executives to such posts. So, all the means have been used in advance for a strong mobilization of the socialist milieu in favour of these Polisario separatists thesis in Mexico, the aim is to put pressure on the Parliament to adopt a motion preventing the government from approving the accreditation of the Sahrawi dissident Abderrahmane Leibek.

The Polisario supporters who do not hesitate to qualify the latter of being a “traitor” and “opportunist”, have started a race against the clock to intercede against the nomination of Abderrahmane Leibek in the post of ambassador of Morocco in Mexico. The former Moroccan consul in Canary Islands is subject of protest because of his status as former Polisario executive who has deserted it to rejoin his native country, Morocco, just like the present ambassador of Morocco in Madrid, Ahmadou Souilem. The latter could not get his accreditation and rejoin his post in Madrid till December 2010 after long and harsh discussions between the capitals of the two kingdoms. The accreditation of Ould Souilem, himself also a native of the Southern provinces of Morocco and Polisario former executive and actual dissident, has been greatly contested by the Spanish milieu close to the Polisario. After the approval of their nomination by the Spanish authorities, Leibek and Ahmadou Ould Souilem have afterwards widely contributed to the rapprochement of the political and diplomatic positions between Rabat and Madrid especially around the thorny issue of the Western Sahara. In Mexico which has recognized the SADR in 1979, the Polisario leadership supported by the Algerian lobbying try by all means to make another Ahmadou Ould Souilem scenario fell through. Ahmadou whose nomination to the post of ambassador of Morocco in Madrid, has been a severe blow for the separatists’ movement and its supporters in Spain. At present, the aim of the Polisario and their Mexican supporters is to convince the socialist deputies to make the Parliament adopt a motion unfavorable to the accreditation of Abderrahmane Leibek in case the latter would be proposed to occupy the post of ambassador of the Kingdom of Mexico. The ball’s in the court of the Moroccan diplomacy which is called to make tremendous efforts to make this separatists’ new conspiracy against the interests of the Kingdom fell through.

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