The approach of the Polisario Congress makes things heating up in Tindouf camp

The Polisario military junta has spent hard days last week marked by the skirmish between the demonstrators and the armed militia. Tindouf camps have been , from Tuesday to Thursday, been the theater of confrontation between dozens of furious young Sahrawis and the armed militia who tried to prevent them with blackjacks, from observing a sit-in in front of the General headquarters of the separatist movement in Rabouni.
The altercations have ended with about thirty injured persons. The young protesters among whom certain were hoisting the Moroccan flag, claiming an improvement of their life conditions and a change within the leadership detained since more than three decades, by the same men at their head their chief, the permanent fixture Mohamed Abdelaziz. The Sahrawi protesters have denounced also all the corrupted leaders who were taking benefit from the foreign humanitarian aids intended for civil populations, to get rich. The international humanitarian NGOs have often and in many occasions, denounced the misappropriation of these aids, among which some foodstuff are sold in the black market in Algeria and the neighbor countries such as Mauritania or Mali. But what made Abdelaziz Marrakchi and his men especially more angry, is the discovery last Thursday of hundreds of CD-ROM circulating illegally among the population in Lehmada camps. The CD-ROM distributed by the young militant Sahrawis from the League supporting autonomy for the Moroccan Sahara, incited the population in the camps to revolt against the corrupted Polisario leadership and to denounce the misappropriation of foreign aids of which are deprived the civil populations.

The writers reveal in their CD-ROM the details about the subterfuges used by the Polisario leaders to misappropriate humanitarian aides. They call also the Algerian regime to stop being involved in the Sahara issue and put an end to the inhuman practices, to the sufferings of the Sahrawis and to the serious human rights violations in Tindouf camps. The winds of liberty and democracy blowing in many Arab countries push the young Sahrawis to put an end to their fear and repression and to claim more liberties and human rights especially to put an end to the blockade imposed on them by the Polisario leadership with the benediction, material and human support of the Algerian regime.
But with the on-going preparation for the holding of the 13th Polisario Congress intended for the end of the year, any movement of protest is quickly nipped in the bud by the armed militia of the separatist movement. The latter have received the order to use all means at their disposal to curb any rebellion attempt and to be in all parts of the refugees camps to listen to what’s going on inside suspected families and individuals’ homes.


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