« The terrified », a documentary on human rights violations in Tindouf

«The terrified», is the title of a 56 mn documentary, screened in a preview, on the 13th July, in Rabat. Made by two Lebanease, Rouayda marwa and Mahmoud Al Fakih, this film recounts, thanks to the evidences provided by some Sahrawis who have returned back to Morocco, the atrocities of the crimes and tortures committed since more than 36 years in Tindouf camps by Polisario torturers,  with the undeclared consent of Algiers authorities. “the idea is to give a new dimension to the approach on the situation of human rights in Tindouf camps, through a documentary”, has explained Rouayda Marwa, president-founder and executive manager of the international center for development, the reasons behind the production of this film. “we have filmed with Sahrawis, men and women, who have returned back to Morocco and have given evidences of tortures to which they have been submitted, as well as their forced transfer to Cuba”, has specified Rouayda, in an interview broadcasted by a Moroccan  tv channel.

This documentary, which tells about the heartbreaking caused by the separation of thousands of children from their sequestrated parents in Tindouf after their transfer to Cuba, is explained by many Sahrawi, among whom Saadani Maa El Ainine, Rabia Zouin and Ahmed El Khar, all former prisoners in the Polisario prisons in Tindouf camps. The screening of the documentary “the terrified” has coincided with the returning back, last week, of a new group of Sahrawis who have escaped from Tindouf hell to join their homeland and get in touch with their relatives after long years of forced separation. This said group is composed of 15 Sahrawis among whom three children, all from the Rguibat Al Bihat tribe. Among these new rallies are also certain persons who have benefited from the programme of families visits exchange and who have chosen not to return back to Lahmada camps, putting thus an end to the hard atrocities they have undergone. In some declarations to the press, one of the members of the group of people returning home, Al Houssine Ben Moussa, said to be happy to return to his homeland, after so many years of suffering and deprivation in the camps of shame, on the Algerian territory. He has also expressed the pride of all the members of the Rguibat Al Bihat tribe for having met their families, while deploring the “dreadful” life conditions imposed on the Sahrawi populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps. Al Houssine Ben Moussa talks about the support of all the members of this group, like all the Moroccan Sahrawis, to the Moroccan autonomy initiative as a peaceful solution to the old Sahara conflict.


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