The US Congress calls for an investigation about the presence of Polisario mercenaries in Libya

The Polisario separatists and their Algerian mentors again in the dock. Already a lot was written about the sending by the Polisario of Sahrawi mercenaries to Libya, with the complicity of the Algerian authority, and brisk reactions were rising inside the great Western democracies. To shed light on this scandal, two leaders from the Moroccan American Center for Policy (MACP) have asked the American Congress, the MACP President, Edward M. Gabriel and Jordan Paul, Director of governmental affairs at this Centre, to require the launching of an investigation to know the degree of involvement and complicity of the Polisario separatists and Algerian authorities in the Libyan conflict.
Some information relayed lately by the Western media has confirmed the recruitment from the Polisario ranks of hundreds of mercenaries. The latter benefits from the generosity of the Libyan guide, Colonel Mouamar Kadhafi to fight the Libyan rebels. The two MACP leaders rely in their investigation on the evidences expressed in private, last week, by some NATO executives.

In declarations to the British media, the executives of the Atlantic alliance have confirmed anonymously, “the exactitude of the information diffused on internet” stating the presence of mercenaries on the Libyan battle front. In their letter, Jordan Paul and the former ambassador of the USA in Morocco, Edward M. Gabriel said also to be deeply indignant in front of this paradoxical situation, they qualify of being “scandalous” the fact that “the Polisario front representatives continue being invited to receptions and in the US Congress and Government corridors, at a time when the Polisario takes arms against the NATO forces in Libya. The two American executives draw also the attention of the conventioneers to the revealed complicity of the Algerian authorities in this operation. For Edward M. Gabriel and Jordan Paul II, it is unimaginable that hundreds of mercenaries move from the closely controlled camps of isolated refugees in the South of Algeria, without the tacit contribution, if not explicit of Algerian authorities”. Something worth watching…


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