A senior US executive confirms the presence of Polisario mercenaries in Libya

??The recruitment of Polisario mercenaries by the Libyan guide’s supporters is getting confirmed day after day with new evidences. The involvement of armed elements from the separatist movement in the armed confrontations in Libya has just been confirmed again by a senior executive of an American institute. In an interview to the American newspaper “the Times Tribune”, the President founder of the American Institute for Religion and Public Politics (IRPP), Joseph Grieboski has assured that the Polisario Front enrolled some fighters in Tindouf camps and sent them to fight the rebels in Libya. “The Polisario Front put pressure on the populations (Tindouf camps) to serve as mercenaries at the service of Mouammar Kadhafi’s regime”, states J. Grieboski. The American executive has, furthermore, called for an end to the human rights violations and all “the atrocities” committed in Tindouf camps, in favour of a fair and sustainable settlement of the Western Sahara conflict.

Grieboski’s declarations come to corroborate the already declarations made about this subject by a former Libyan executive. Listed by the daily “Washington Post”, the Libyan dissident has revealed that hundreds of Polisario mercenaries were recruited by Mouammar Kadhafi’s regime to subdue the Libyan revolution. The details of negotiations related to the recruitment of a contingent of 450 Polisario mercenaries were communicated to some NATO executives by a former executive close to Kadhafi, who was associated to this bargaining, specifies the American newspaper. According to this source, “the mercenaries receive the sum of 10 000 dollars each, in counterpart of their commitments at the sides of the pro-Kadhafi’s forces for two months ». According to the same source, the mercenaries perceive in reality but a tiny part of 1000 or 2000 dollars, while the rest goes to the account of the Polisario leaders. But what the political leaders and intelligence services in Western countries are afraid of is the conversion of these death merchants into arm traffickers delivering a part of the arsenal taken in Libya to the terrorist network units of Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) very present in the Sahelo-Saharan strip.

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