France: Some jurists ask for the release of the Polisario dissident Mustapha Salma

Mobilization continues more enthusiastically than ever for the release of the Polisario dissident Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, arrested on 21st September and detained since then in a secret place. In Paris, the Vigilance Committee supporting Mustapha Salma, composed of many French jurists, has called the Polisario to release without delay the former Polisario Police chief and to put him at the disposal of the UN Agency for Refugees (HCR). Mustapha Salma is unfairly paying for his courage when he supported publicly the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to settle down the Western Sahara Conflict. The French jurists regrouped within the Vigilance Committee supporting Mustapha Salma are worried about the lack of news concerning this prisoner. “It is required to immediately release Mr. Mouloud who should be put at the disposal of the HCR as required by international conventions applied in such matters”, stated the release made by this Committee. The HCR should “impose to Algerian authorities, hosting the separatist movement on their territories, to intervene so that Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud be given to these authorities in Tindouf”.

The members of this Committee, among whom are the Director of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OGS), Charles Saint-Prot, have taken part, on Sunday 24th October in Mans, in an information meeting about the Sahara issue stakes. They have denounced the total silence  which continues prevailing over Tindouf camps in Algeria. The Polisario is managing these camps in the desert following the North Korea model, denying to the Sahrawi population the most basic rights. The case of Mustapha Salma is a deeply moving illustration of these conditions.


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