Western Sahara: Takbar Haddi teased by police in Las Palmas

takabarSpanish police put an end on Monday to the sit-in that Takbar Haddi had been observing for a month in front of Morocco’s Consulate in Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

The Sahrawi lady was claiming clarifications about the circumstances of the death of her son Lamine Haidallah who had been fatally wounded during a fight with other youths in Laayoune last February.
After Sahrawi activists and pro-Polisario Spaniards forcefully entered Morocco’s consulate in Las Palmas, early June, the Moroccan government asked Spanish authorities to protect the diplomatic mission and its personnel in accordance with bilateral agreements and international conventions.

Responding favorably to this request, the Spanish government finally ordered the local police to dislodge the Sahrawi protester and ban her from camping out near the Moroccan Consulate in Las Palmas. She was forced to fold her luggage and leave.

On June 25, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Maragllo, had pledged, before the Lower House of the Spanish Parliament, to ensure the protection of the Moroccan diplomatic representation in the Canary Islands. He had promised that a forceful entry of the Polisario’s accomplices into Morocco’s consulate will not happen again.

Being aware that Spanish authorities are not concerned by a crime committed on Moroccan soil and coming under Moroccan common law, some associations close to the Polisario and backed by Spanish activists in the Canary Islands and in other parts of Spain, are nonetheless trying to make of Takbar Haddi, a new “Aminatou Haider.”

As Aminatou Haider lost all credibility with the international community after her true position as a mere mercenary of the Polisario was revealed, the Polisario found in the grieved mother Haddi a successor for the role.

An inhabitant of Las Palmas commented that the Polisario Front separatists need imagination to sell their outdated propaganda and to continue ripping off donors.

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