Camps of shame : last symbol of a conniving Algerian regime

Camps of shame : last symbol of a conniving Algerian regimeIt is now more than three decades that Tindouf camps, where the guerilla movement of the Polisario Front is sheltered, have been set up, following a major political conflict between Morocco and Algeria about the future of the Maghreb. In fact, beyond the versions conveyed by the propaganda bureau of the Polisraio Front, it is useful to recall the orientations of this movement and to remember that it concerns an entity inspired by the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary doctrine, still in vogue in the early 70s, but henceforth almost non existing everywhere. There remains only two movements in the world resulting from this “revolutionary” matrix, the Colombian FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), sadly known for their practices of personalities’ kidnapping, and the Polisario Front, sheltered by the Algerian regime which gives it refuge and provides it with the logistical support. Today, this situation has become inacceptable, as behind the slogans, “liberty” odes, is it useful to remind that the Polisraio front has imprisoned, for over 25 years, Moroccan citizens, and did not return them back to their homeland only after a very important pressure from the international community?. The latter, which has shown some severity, is today called by the humanitarian organizations to put an end to the quasi-incarcerating situation of the people living in Tindouf camps.

Deprived of their fundamental liberties, victimized and humiliated by their jailers, thousands of the Sahrawis living in camps cannot express themselves for fear of being subject to torture and barbarism acts. Each one of us has to be their voice: Mr. Bouteflika, open camps!

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