CDH : a Cameroonian NGO rebelled against the flouted rights in Tindouf camps

They are more and more numerous these observers, voluntaries and humanitarian and human rights NGOs who are surprised to see the international community closing eyes on the precarious conditions of the populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps, a no right area which Algeria is hosting on its territory.
The Cameroonian Organization for the promotion of international economic cooperation (OCAPROCE international) has called this week, the UN Council for Human Rights (CDH), about the desperate case of these populations completely isolated from the outside world.

« We are launching from this plateform a call to your honourable Council to intervene so that the populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps cease to be an exception as regard to international human rights and the implementation of the set of Vienna Declaration’s clauses », has indicated Micheline Makou Djouma, president of OCAPROCE. She has intervened in the plenary meeting of the CDH 16th session, about a particular point related to Vienna Declaration and plan of action.
This action plan, has she reminded, stipulates that the right to development is a universal and inalienable right which is an integral part of the basic rights of the human person. The Vienna Declaration as it is the case for the human right universal declaration and the international pact related to economic, social and cultural rights, recommends also that the right to development be guaranteed so as to strengthen the respect of human rights and basic freedoms.
Unfortunately, has she deplored, the clauses of the Vienna declaration are basically flouted  in Tindouf camps, where as she explained, the Polisario separatist movement act ruthlessly and controls by force of arms the camps containing populations who do not have access to any of the above mentioned rights.
The OCAPROCE president revolted also against the fact that this population was deprived of the right to health care, to education and to personal peak. She has, thus, accused directly the Algerian government hosting Tindouf camps, giving white card to Polisario mercenaries who act only under its instructions.


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